Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unit Testing methods

The objective of Unit testing involves testing of Business transformation rules, error conditions, mapping fields at staging and core levels.Unit testing involves the following
  1. Check the Mapping of fields present in staging level.
  2. Check for the duplication of values generated using Sequence generator.
  3. Check for the correctness of surrogate keys, which uniquely identifies rows in database.
  4. Check for Data type constraints of the fields present in staging and core levels.
  5. Check for the population of status and error messages into target table.
  6. Check for string columns are left and right trimmed.
  7. Check every mapping needs to implement the process abort mapplet which is invoked if the number of record read from source is not equal to trailer count.
  8. Check every object, transformation, source and target need to have proper metadata. Check visually in data warehouse designer tool if every transformation has a meaningful description.

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