Thursday, March 21, 2013

Informatica – User Defined Functions

nformatica User Defined Functions are similar to Built-in Functions, where these functions need to be created once and execute multiple times. Transformation logics that are common across the ports are the ideal candidate for User Defined Functions.
Transformation Logic implemented without User Defined Functions

Validation “IIF( ISNULL(LTRIM(RTRIM(INPUT))),’TRUE’,’FALSE’)” is being performed in multiple ports.
The disadvantage with this approach is any changes to this validation need to be done in all the ports.
This can be addressed by creating a User Defined function and have the logic incorporated there.
Steps to Create User Defined Functions
Step 1 : Right-click on the User-Defined Functions folder in a repository folder in the Designer.
Click on “New”
Step 2: In Editor add the transformation logic / validation that needs to be performed.
Click ok and validate the UDF.
User Defined Function – Type:
Public if the function is callable from any expression. Private if the function is only callable from another user-defined function.
To Call User Defined functions from Port:

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