Monday, March 18, 2013

Informatica Migration Checklist

1. Have all naming standards been used?
2. Have the mappings/workflows been documented? Including:
  • Descriptions and text within the PowerCenter mappings and workflows;
  • Restart instructions; and
  • Special handling instructions.

3. Have the mappings/workflows been sufficiently tested? Have they run in Test with no errors at least twice, preferably longer?
4. Have DDL scripts moved to production? Is there additional objects/DDL to move to production for source or lookup tables?
5. Optional, but critical: Have the business users reviewed the test data and approved the results?
6. Has a folder comparison been done between the source and target repositories? Have all folder differences been explained as being necessary?
7. Have reasonable error checks been coded for in the error handling routines?
8. Has the default session configuration been used/altered for this folder? If there have been changes, list the changes.
9. Has the fail parent option been checked?
10. Have all test settings such as “Collect Performance Data” been disabled?
11. Is there sequence generators that need the current values adjusted? What should the current value be?
12. Have any reusable objects been used? Have they been documented?
13. Have post-session emails been set up and are the proper email addresses used? (Indicate whether a failure is critical or not.)
14. Have relational connections been reviewed and are they correct?
15. Have mapping and session parameters and variables been reviewed, values set?
16. Has a code review been completed? Check for compliance with standards? Check performance efficiency?
17. Have the session failure variables been reviewed?

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