Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If data source is in the form of Excel Spread sheet then how do use?

PowerMart and PowerCenter treat a Microsoft Excel source as a relational database, not a flat file. Like relational sources, the Designer uses ODBC to import a Microsoft Excel source. You do not need database permissions to import Microsoft Excel sources.
To import an Excel source definition, you need to complete the following tasks:
  • Install the Microsoft Excel ODBC driver on your system.
  • Create a Microsoft Excel ODBC data source for each source file in the ODBC 32-bit Administrator.
  • Prepare Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by defining ranges and formatting columns of numeric data.
  • Import the source definitions in the Designer.
Once you define ranges and format cells, you can import the ranges in the Designer. Ranges display as source definitions when you import the source.

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