Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How do we extract SAP data Using Informatica?

  1. We can extract SAP data by using informatica with the powerConnect option.
  2. We need to install and configure the PowerConnect tool .
  3. Import the Source in to the Source Analyzer. Here PowerConnect is the gateway between SAP & Informatica. Then develop the mapping in the mapping designer. Next we need to generate the ABAP code for that mapping,then only the Informatica can be pull the data from SAP.
  4. Power Connect is used to connect and import sources from external systems like for example Mainframe(IMS, DB2, VSAM) or ERP or MQ Series etc. 
  5. Earlier we had connectivity to Applciations and Mainframes called as "Powerconnect" and "PowerExchange" respectively. 
  6. Going forward all connectivity to databases and other applications/mainframes are now all referred to as "PowerExchange".


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