Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Features of Informatica 9.5

Informatica 9.5 is the latest version of Informatica which is designed to handle the huge volume of Data, especially the big data. Informatica allows processing the demand of Big data using the latest features.

Features of Informatica 9.5
  • Extracting data from Hadoop to deliver Big data as business reports
  • Captures data from all social networking sites irrespective of their volume.
  • Access and delivery of critical data using high availability of Informatica Power Exchange
  • Enhanced LDAP integration, SSL remote access and support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
  • Reduces the risk of business errors with Informatica Data validation option
  • Expands metadata management connectivity
  • Supports push down optimization for Teradata

Informatica 9.5 increases the Business value of the data with technologies for real-time data streaming, proactive monitoring, pervasive data privacy and data governance. Also it reduces the cost of the data by using methods such as DataValidation.

Now what Is Informatica Data Validation?
Data validation helps in completing the data validation and reconciliation work without the use of tedious SQL queries. We might come across duplicate and bad data while doing data migrations and transformations.Data validation avoids these bad data and can be used in both Production as well as testing environment. It has got a set of pre built operator for doing ETL testing and the results will be expected data values as from source.Data validation makes data more reliable and uses less resource for the testing process. This can be automated and used repeatedly.
Below are some other features of Informatica Data validation

  • A central repository for complete data validation tests and results.
  • Incremental data validation for testing the newly loaded data
  • Pre-built dashboards for validation
  • Increased connectivity with all systems
  • Set of Prebuilt operators

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