Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Difference between ROWID and ROWNUM

Row id                           RowNum
1. Physical address of the rows.
2. Rowid is permanent
3. Rowid is 16-bit hexadecimal
4. Rowid gives address of rows or records
5. Rowid is automatically generated unique id of a row and it is generated at the time of insertion of row.
6. ROWID is the fastest means of accessing data.
7. They are unique identifiers for the any row in a table.
1. Rownum is the sequential number, allocated to each returned row during query execution.
2. Rownum is temporary.
3. Rownum is numeric
4. Rownum gives count of records
5. Rownum is a dynamic value automatically retrieved along with select statement output.
6. It represents the sequential order in 

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